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About Us

Corona Maritime is a third-party maritime consultancy company providing a complete range of integrated marine services to its clients.

The mission of the Corona Maritime is to provide our customers with competent, safe, environmentally sound and cost effective services.  We are committed to continuously developing our systems and skills in a proactive approach, ensuring that all employees, whether onshore or on-board are committed to corporate philosophy of safe shipping.

We strive to exceed best industry practice and standards for Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Ship Management and all our onshore and sea-staff are continuously assessed and trained through relevant courses and seminars to improves their Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality awareness.

We are committed to complying with, and where possible exceeding, all relevant national and international environmental legislation and regulations, and to implement industry best practice to a level of performance exceeding the expectations of our customers.

To achieve these goals we actively encourage feedback and input from both our customers and employees in a constant effort to improve our services.

We fully recognize the impact of sea transport on the environment and we are committed to preventing and eliminating pollution in all forms and to implement measures to continually improve our environmental performance.

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What is IHM?


Most vessels contain a large amount of substances hazardous to the environment and human health. Substances like asbestos, PCB, TBT which can lead to life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer if not handled correctly. With an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), previously known as ‘Green Passport’, you will know what’s inside your ship. By identifying the Hazardous materials on-board, you can ensure the safety of crew members through the vessels working life, and assure safe handling of the materials at the point of recycling.

Based on necessary information and documentation collected from the ship-owners, our surveyor enters the vessel and take samples that are sent for analysis at accredited laboratories. The IHM is issued based on the findings, listing all hazardous materials on-board, including their amounts and location. The IHM will thereafter be certified by the RO, like DNV GL, ABS or Lloyd’s Register.

Regulation and implementation

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR), which entered into force in 2013, states that all vessels over 500 GT flying under European flag or arriving in European ports must all carry a valid IHM on-board. In addition, the inventory list will have to be updated throughout the operational life of the vessel. The timeline for the implementation of this regulation is as follows:

  • By 2018: New buildings and ships going for recycling must carry IHM on-board

  • By 2020: All existing vessels must carry IHM on-board 

This implies that after 2020 ships without IHM on-board will not be allowed to enter or anchor at EU ports. Therefore, shipowners should act proactively and start planning for the new regulation. This to avoid rush and operational disruptions when all ships needs to have the IHM at once.

Our experienced HazMat Experts provide efficient and flexible service that does not disturb ships in operation.



Our experienced team is capable of providing consultation services and support for various maritime projects in the field of maritime sector that meet the varying needs of our clients.

Our services include:

• Quality Ship Management Consultation
• Technical Consultation
• Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015
• Gap Analysis on Management System
• ISM / ISPS / MLC  System Consultation
• (Pre) Dry-docking Supervision and Consultation
• Preparation of Vessels for Vetting Inspections
• Preparation of Vessels for Port State Inspections
• Attendance of Vessels during Port State Inspections
• Bench-marking of Management System
• Claim Consultation
• Flag State Administration and RO Consultation
• Customized Flag State Administration and RO Services
• Evaluation of Flag State and RO Performances
• Feasibility Studies
• Marketing Plan
• Preparations and Development of "Inventory of Hazardous Materials"

• Maintenance of "Inventory of Hazardous Materials"



Corona Maritime | PortDox

Great Microsoft Excel product for your ship`s on-board use for port documents required for arrival and departure formalities. It`s fully customizable for your Company and on-board needs. Saves time and avoid fatigue for Officers using it. Fully protected for changes of formulas and formats while using and brings professionalism to papers submitted.

Corona Maritime | LoadMaster

Great Microsoft Excel product for calculation of ship`s stability. It is specially prepared for each individual ship with fully customization support for user needs. LoadMaster can help Masters and Officers for checking ship stability for every case of loading step, Cargo, ballast and store information entered is instantly calculated and stability information and criteria can be observed live.



Varyap Plaza #196, Esenyalı Mahallesi, Yanyol Caddesi, No 61

34903, Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel/Fax: +90 216 493 0196

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