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IHM - Inventory of Hazardous Materials


IHM is a structured system to control hazardous materials onboard ships and achieve compliance with the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships and EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

We empower you to successfully compile your IHM to the highest standard, and ensure legislative compliance.

What we offer

A specialist from one of our IHM Expert Team provides support and assist you with your Inventory compilation, and then takes care of the desktop investigation, preparation of VSCP, onboard survey, sample collection, laboratory analysis and at the end development of IHM Part I wıth technical report. Then we also may present it to agreed RO for examination and approval.

What are the benefits?

We can help you minimise risk, potential liabilities, and enhance the safety of your ships’ crews by identifying, recording and controlling hazardous materials onboard your ships, in line with existing and forthcoming legislation.

A comprehensively compiled IHM will also assist with your in-house environmental management systems and help demonstrate your commitment to safe and environmentally sound practices at the end of your ship’s life.

Why choose Corona Maritime?

Our well established IHM service offers reputable and consistent global service delivery. We provide IHM development and maintenance services, at new construction and in service, regardless of class, helping to promote better hazard management and sustainable ship recycling.

Contact us today for fleet agreements and maintenance solution.

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